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We have the largest selection of new and used products available for all of your warehousing needs, including a wide variety of used pallet racks and accessories. You can use our contact form on the contact page to get in touch with us for more information or a free quote.

New & Used Material Handling Equipment

American Material Specialist is your resource for new and used material handling equipment. Our customers from across the nation always receive expert assistance with the design, delivery and installation to maximize warehouse storage. Our team has over 40 years in the warehouse storage solution business, including consultation services, so you can make the right decision for a low cost, long-term solution. From the perfect product for your storage needs to a design created to optimize warehouse space, there are many options, but we are here to ensure you choose the best one.

Our Products Include:

Pallet Rack

American Material Specialist stocks a wide variety of new and used pallet racking. We stock many different sizes and capacities of pallet rack, so we can help you design and customize the perfect solution for your storage needs. We work with clients around the U.S. and can be delivered to your door in just a short time.

Maximize Storage Solutions

Pallet racking enables you to store your products vertically within your given warehouse space while utilizing your cubic footage available and freeing up valuble floor space for forklift travel and other storage requirements. Pallet racks are designed to store:

  • Pallets, Boxes & Cartons
  • Furniture & Carpet
  • Records Archives, Crates & Bulk Storage
  • Almost any other type of raw goods or finished products

With pallet racks in your warehouse enabling you to stack your pallets, you can easily triple the amount of stock you can hold, gaining efficiency, and more space in which to bring in new stock. There are few ways to make warehouses and pallet shipping more cost effective, but savin space is a huge way to give yourself more stock and more options without increasing your facility.

Affordable Used Pallet Racking

Our warehouse is a short drive from the Atlanta International Airport. Our expansive lot provides us with the storage needed to have material handling equipment ready and available when you need it. If your looking for an affordable solution to maximize your warehouse space, we sell quality used pallet racks. This means no lead-time and huge savings for our clients, regardless of what state you are located in, so contact us today and make the most of your space!

Since 1989 AMS has focused on the purchasing and selling of new and used material handling equipment such as Racking Systems, Shelving, both Power and Gravity Conveyors, Mezzanines, Fork Lifts and Packaging Equipment.

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